I am registered to write and prosecute patents with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO Reg # 56532).  I am also a member in good standing with the California Bar (CA SBN 230997).  I have degrees in math, engineering, and law from  Caltech, UCSD, and the UCLA School of Law respectively.

I have successfully prosecuted ten patents for household products and appliances.  My clients are local small businesses and solo inventors.


All services are billed hourly.  The average utility patent application will cost you $3,000 – 5,000.   A design patent application costs about half as much.  Your total lifetime cost will be about twice the cost of this initial application.

No retainer required!

  • $200 / hr for small-project services without a retainer / pre-payment.  All services will be billed after work product or filing is available, and must be paid before answers / results are released.  “Quick questions”, including phone calls and emails, are billed by the 1/4 hr.  Three hour maximum, no contract (beyond emails), no negotiations.
  • $175 / hr for prepayments of 1 – 5 hrs.  No written contract (beyond emails), no negotations.
  • $150 / hr for retainers of at least 7 hours ($1,050 min.).  Written contracts and negotiations are available for retainers exceeding $1,000.
  • $125 / hr for retainers of at least 16 hours ($2,000 min.)
  • $100 / hr for retainers of at least 30 hours ($3,000 min.)

Credit Card Discount

You can earn similar discounts by providing your credit card billing information and authorizing weekly charges.  No prepayment is required for this discount option!

  • First 6 hours = $175 / hr
  • 7th – 15th hours = $150 / hr
  • 16th – 29th hours = $125 / hr
  • 30th hour and beyond = $100 / hr


I charge a 25% “expedite” fee to prioritize your case over others or to meet short-term deadlines, generally less than a month.  (Don’t wait 11 months before completing your non-provisional applications!!!  Grrr … )

Estimates / flat fees:  When I assess your project, I will provide you with an estimated range of hours so you can choose the best billing plan.

If you prefer a flat or capped fee, they are available at the following terms:

Flat fee = 25% above the maximum quoted hourly estimate

Capped hourly billing = Capped at 50% above the maximum quoted hourly estimate

Free consultation

Call now for a free initial 30-minute consultation.  Call 310-499-3285 or use the appointment calendar (shared with Nth Degree Tutoring; just select “Consultation”).