Booking appointments
All lessons must be scheduled on the Appointy calendar, which will be used as the basis of record keeping and booking priority (ie first booked, first served).  Clients are ultimately responsible for removing cancelled lessons from the calendar so they don’t get billed for them.

Payment must be made at or before the lesson.  The more you prepay (at least 24 hours ahead), the lower your rate (see Rates).  Appointy gives you the option of prepaying at the “weekly” rate.  You may skip payment when you book the lesson if you are paying a different rate.

Off-Hours lessons

Lessons may sometimes be available outside of open business hours, for a 50% surcharge.  Please call to inquire.

If you need an off-hour block of time for a full month or more, I will attempt to reorganize my schedule to accommodate it.  This kind of service will not be subject to time-and-a-half billing, but will require non-refundable prepayment.


We encourage you to refer your friends to our service.  If you refer a student who meets with us at least twice, you will earn the value of their first hour in cash or credit.

Cancellations, absence, and rescheduling policy
One-on-one lessons:  The regular cancellation fee is 50% of the lesson’s value for cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice, or 100% for cancellation with less than one hour’s notice.  Rescheduling fees are half of the cancellation fees. Each student may claim one grace late cancellation / rescheduling per semester.  Excessive cancellations may result in your removal from the calendar.

Group class:  Your deposit is refundable unless the exact minimum * or maximum (10) number of students is enrolled in your class.  In the event that the class is not sufficiently enrolled one week before class starts, I reserve the right to postpone or cancel the class.  In that event, you will be entitled to a full refund.  Whenever you are absent, I will send you links to make-up lecture videos.  I even accept one weekly request to record a new free 5 – 15 minute video.  Unfortunately, I can not make up homework questions or essay feedback.  You may choose to book an additional paid lesson for those purposes.

* The “exact minimum” number of students is three at the $550 rate and two at the $825 rate.

Tardiness policy
If you are late for a lesson, you will be charged for the full period of time. I will make reasonable efforts to accommodate late arrivals by providing the full duration of the scheduled lesson. However, if I have to leave at our scheduled time, the full charge will still apply.

If I am late, I will either stay late to make up for it, or pro-rate the charge if you or I are not able to stay late.

Delinquent bills

When your balance due runs higher than $200 due to unpaid lessons and / or cancellation fees, your service will be suspended until the balance is provided.

Credit balance

A credit on your account will be held until you ask for a reimbursement of funds, or after a year of inactivity, whichever comes first.

Minors and Parents

I only tutor students at or above 9th grade and age 14.  Ask me about tutor referrals for younger students.
For a student under the age of 18, we regard the student’s parent(s) as the student’s agent in all matters of scheduling and payments, unless the parent expressly delegates responsibility to the student.  Parents of minors are permitted to sit in on lessons at any time, though privacy is preferred.

For a college student over the age of 18, the student is the only point of contact for scheduling lessons.  Parents may contact us about payments.

When a 12th grader turns 18, we normally continue to communicate with the parent for sake of continuity.  The student is welcome to communicate directly with us as well.  Any scheduling disagreements between parent and student will be resolved in the student’s favor.

Minors (under age 21) are asked to please put phones away (in a bag or on another table) and on silent during lesson time.  For lessons longer than an hour, we take hourly breaks and texts may be checked at that time.

Point of Contact

Eva handles matters of scheduling and billing.  (310) 499-3285,  You should contact Scot to discuss the lessons themselves.  You should also call Scot at 310-478-6146 with notifications within 24 hours of a lesson (cancellations or running late).

Group Lessons
Students are encouraged to form study groups to split tutoring fees. However, we will not book students together into a group lesson without the consent of every student in that group.  See Rates page for details about group discounts.

Guarantees and Disclaimers
I promise to offer each student the full benefit of my experience, talent, resources, and professional judgment as a reputable tutor. I believe that I can help almost every student achieve the highest level possible within their abilities, time constraints, and commitment levels.

I offer no guarantees about any particular grades or test scores. Lessons are intended to help students do “as well as they possibly can,” not “as well as anyone could.”

I am not trained to counsel students with learning disabilities. Therefore, I also offer no guarantees about a minor child’s attention span, interest level, or effort, either in lessons or between lessons.

It’s my job to help with homework. It’s the parents’ job to enforce that it gets done!

House Calls

A house call within a 3-mile radius of the office is a 1.5 hour lesson, billed as two hours.  A house call 3 – 5 miles from the office is a two hour lesson, billed as three hours.  Please expect my arrival time to be plus-or-minus 15 minutes from the scheduled start. For example, if we have a 5:00 appointment, please expect that I may arrive between 4:45 and 5:15. When I arrive early, I do not begin clocking / billing until the student is seated with me at the lesson table, or until our designated lesson time, whichever comes first. However, if you are able to start a little early when I am, it would help me greatly and I’d really appreciate it!  As a courtesy, please put your dogs in back 15 minutes before our lesson time.