Effective 8/23/17 – 1/31/19*

Base rate = $75 / hr

Prepayment discounts

  • Base rate applies for lessons that are not prepaid more than 24 hours in advance.
  • $5 / hr discount for lessons prepaid* “weekly” or for your very first lesson.
  • $10 / hr discount for lessons prepaid* “monthly”.  Min 4 hrs = $260.
  • $15 / hr discount for lessons prepaid* by the “semester”.  Min 12 hrs = $720.
  • $20 / hr discount for lessons prepaid* by the “school year”.  Min 24 hrs = $1,320.

* Payments must be received more than 24 hours before the lesson to qualify as “pre” payments.

If you prepay for a block of dates at your very first lesson, that lesson will be included in the discounted rate.

The following rules are enforced to make sure that clients are not “gaming” my discount packages:

Discounts are calculated separately for each payment.  They do not accumulate.  Example:  If you prepay for 6 lessons now and 6 lessons next month, you do not qualify for the 12-lesson rate.

Discounts are applied immediately when payment is made.   However, in order to qualify for a discount level, you must prepay AND attend the minimum number of hours.  Example: If you put down a large prepayment, attend just a few hours, and then request a refund, your discount will be adjusted downward to fit your actual block of lessons.

Credit card discounts

You can earn similar discounts, without prepayment, by pre-authorizing credit card charges.  Please fill out and return the credit card authorization form.  Lessons will be billed the week after they are held.  Discounts are applied to the base rate at the time of the lesson.

  • $5 / hr discount for the first three hours
  • $10 / hr discount for the 4th – 11th hours
  • $15 / hr discount for the 12th – 23rd hours
  • $20 / hr discount starting with the 24th hour

* Rate structure for Spring 2019

Effective February 1, I will be streamlining my billing system.  There will now be just two options:

Base rate $75 / hr if we do not have your credit card information before the lesson.  Lessons must generally be pre-paid; I will allow you to run a tab up to max. $225 (3 hrs) before discontinuing service.

$65 / hr if we have your credit card information on file before the lesson.  We will charge your card the week after each lesson.

For existing clients who pay less than $65 / hr, I will continue to honor your discount below the base rate.  (For example, if you currently pay $55 / hr, that is a $20 discount.  If the base rate goes up to $80, you will pay $60).

I plan a modest rate increase in the fall of 2019.

House calls

housecall_radiiHouse calls within the three-mile radius are 90-minute lessons billed as two hours.  (Book two consecutive hours).

House calls between the three- and five-mile radii are two-hour lessons billed as three hours (book three consecutive hours).

I am generally not available for house calls outside the 5-mile radius.  In case it is the only option, I will make such calls for a two-hour minimum lesson plus the hourly rate for driving time.  (For example, a one-hour-each-way commute would be billed as 2 hrs lesson + 2 hrs commute =  4 hours total).  It is difficult to find long open blocks of time on my calendar for these calls, and they are expensive.  Consider online Skype lessons as an alternative.

Group class

$25 / hr + materials; $550 for entire course.  You may make two payments of $295.

$100 discount for your 2nd GRE course, whether it be GRE-2 or a repeat of GRE-1.

Access to video lessons / flash cards

The video lessons publicly accessible on my YouTube channel are all free.  (See button at upper right of this website).  There are also some secret proprietary videos, and we’ll email you the link for $10 / hr.

I am currently developing flash cards on Quizlet, which will be made available at prices ranging from $0 to $10 per set.  Please inquire.

Off-hours lessons

Off-hours lessons are normally billed at a 50% surcharge.  See Policies page for more info.



Special discounts

1-on-n Lessons

Sharing live lessons is a great way to reduce your costs. With n students, the formula for each student’s share of the lesson is (n + 1) / 2n times the
single-student fee. This is summarized in the following table.

# of students Discount
2 25%
3 33%
4 37%
5 40%
6 42%
7 43%
8 44%
9 44%
10 45%


If you refer a student who books at least two hours with me, I’ll be glad to offer you a referral fee equivalent to the value of that student’s first hour (cash or credit to you).

Hungry Bachelor Discount

Will tutor for food! $10 discount for a full meal or $5 for a snack.