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The next LSAT group course will run from late April to early June — just in time for the June 11 exam.  Full details will be announced in early March.  $550 for 6 weeks.

You don’t have to take a big-name class like Kaplan, Blueprint, TestMasters, or Manhattan to do your best on the LSAT!  At Nth Degree, your course of study will be individualized to your needs.  We will work at your own pace and deeply discuss the problems that you are missing.  No more large / fast-paced classes with inexperienced instructors!  I have been teaching the LSAT for two decades, yet (because I am not surrounded by a large agency) my one-on-one lessons cost only a fraction of those at Blueprint and other major companies.

I work at your pace and address your specific needs.  We will work on all three sections.  Most students are especially worried about the Analytical Reasoning “Games” section, but my data shows that average scores are actually lowest on Reading Comp.  Logical Reasoning is obviously important because it constitutes half of the exam.  Furthermore, the principles of logic and careful reading form a solid foundation for all sections of the exam.

LSAT lessons may be booked hour-by-hour if you can not make the full course.

My score on the LSAT was 171 (99th percentile).  You can verify this with my LSAT score report here.  I graduated from the UCLA School of Law and have some experience practicing law. Part of my course of study is a discussion of your long-term goals: law school admissions, law school, the bar exam, and the legal profession. You won’t get this kind of counseling at the big courses.

The Nth Degree Philosophy

At Nth Degree, you will focus on the substance of the exam, not just the procedure.  I would advise you not to be too taken in by courses trying to convince you that you can ace the LSAT (or any standardized exam) just with procedural tips / tricks / gaming the exam.  (“Read the question stem first” is NOT a secret recipe for success!).  These exams are designed to reward students who

  • Are well read
  • Are highly literate in English and can read with 100% comprehension, and
  • Have solid command of logical principles

The Nth Degree course takes the exam seriously by

  • Examining the obstacles to reading comprehension and how to work through them
  • Fostering vocabulary retention and careful reading of information-dense material
  • Teaching complex material as information that can be parsed into small simple parts
  • Making sure you are rock solid with the most heavily tested / learnable logic facts
  • Understanding the difference between right and wrong answers

To get started with a one-on-one LSAT lesson or a free consultation, go to the Appointment Calendar or call 310-499-3285.

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