One-on-One SAT / ACT (“SACT”) Tutoring

SACT lessons are booked hourly.  There is no SACT course on the calendar because it will be tailored to your hours!  Call to inquire.  Recent success stories include an 800 on the SAT Math 2 Subject Test and a student who brought her ACT score from 23 to 28 and was accepted to Harvard!

Lessons begin with diagnostics to decide whether you are going to perform better on the SAT or ACT.  Please let me know if you have any recent diagnostic scores on the ACT, PSAT, or SAT.

I recommend focusing on SACT in the summer, when school is not a distraction.  In the summer, it is best to meet 2 – 4 hours / week, and I will assign homework.  I do not assign SACT homework during the school year, because homework usually keeps students very busy and they should be focusing on that.

Yep, we’ll work on essays too.

I do not offer group lessons for the SACT.  I know from experience (and I’m sure you do too) that groups of high school students get talkative and lose focus, and the atmosphere soon deteriorates.  I insist that my office is always distraction-free, so I only work with high school students one or two at a time.  If you and one friend are interested in the SACT program, I will reduce your rates by 25%.

Your instructor’s SACT Experience

Scot has earned an 800 on the SAT Math and Verbal sections (on different dates, shucks!)  His high school ACT score was 33.  His very first teaching position was with an SAT test-prep company in 1990.  He has been tutoring standardized exams on-and-off since then, continuously since 2001, and has been active with SAT and ACT tutoring especially in the 2010s.